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Open Door – Making Field Reps More Effective

Whether you are working to improve the efficiency of your field service reps or to increase the sales of your door-to-door sales teams – Open Door puts powerful tools in the palm of your field reps hands. Open Door on their mobile device removes paperwork, helps them manage their day and increases their productivity by removing steps from the process.
The Open Door solution provides a host of tools and benefits:

Goodbye Paper Lead Sheets – Hello Electronic Leads
Electronic Leads
  • The system distributes assigned leads or jobs electronically to each rep’s mobile device. New leads can be sent out each day or as needed.
  • Reps receive automatic notification when new leads or jobs are assigned.
  • Reps can view customer information with each lead (Current Status, Disconnect Dates, Current Products, Past Due Balances, etc.).
  • Reps can filter leads by:
    • Group (easy to identify “Hot” leads)
    • Street
    • Street Odd/Even Numbers
    • Lead Status
  • Reps can disposition the leads on the phone with one click.
Capture Order or Job Information Electronically
Capture Sales Electronically
  • Field reps can capture and convey sales or service information electronically, removing expensive and time consuming calls to back-office processing or support teams.
  • Field reps fill-in easy-to-use electronic forms that are customized to capture the information specific to your products or services.
  • Address information can be auto populated on order or service forms so field reps don’t have to key-in the information. This is especially valuable to canvassing agents working without assigned leads.
  • Order or service information is transmitted immediately to back-office teams or legacy systems for order provisioning, tracking and completion.
  • Once a field sales rep captures order information on an Open Door form, they are free to move on to the next sales prospect with confidence that the orders is correctly documented and credited . Sales reps receive automatic notification when sales are confirmed or completed.
Create Appointment Reminders and Workflow
Appointment Reminders and Workflow
  • Field reps can set reminders that will prompt them to return to a sales prospect or service location at a future date or time.
  • Field management can establish different workflow patterns to ensure that reps knock on doors or make multiple contact attempts with a prospect or customer. The system prompts the activity on the rep’s mobile device.

Integrated Standard Reporting
Messaging Tools
  • Sales reps can capture valuable marketing information on the phone as they pursue sales prospects and disposition leads.
  • Sales reps can capture customer/marketing information such as
    • Competitive information by product
    • Contract end dates
    • Demographic information
    • Customer objection reasons
  • Marketing data capture is fully customizable. You define what is captured.
  • Track and monitor service activities or create streamlined processes for QA of field collections, QA or audit work.
Give Your Field Reps Phones or Tablets – We’re Compatible
Open Door Is Compatible With Android

  • Open Door works with Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Tablet compatibility gives your field reps larger screens ideal for sharing product or service information with customers along with Open Door

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"Using the Open Door solution, our sales reps now spend more time selling and less time processing paper work."
- Suddenlink Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

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