Field Management Tools

Tightly Integrate with Marketing Data

Anyone who manages workers in the field, whether they are sales or service, is familiar with the challenges – knowing where your reps are working, trusting that they are on the job, and dealing with the paper flow of leads, jobs and orders. It’s a process crying out for a better solution. The Open Door Sales & Service Solution has been proven to improve sales productivity more than 15% and increase back-office efficiencies nearly 20%.
Enhanced Reporting

GPS Track and Monitor Field Reps Using Google Maps
GPS Track Guide Field Sales Reps Performance
  • See where your reps are working in real time on Google Maps. Review a history of leads, sales and work activity for reps on specific days.
  • Review individual stops on the map. See how long a rep spends at a particular location and whether or not they make a sale or complete a job.
  • Monitor sales locations; see where a rep is when they submit a sale or disposition a lead.
  • Track the time a field rep works with an integrated Clock-in/Clock-out feature.
  • Setup Geofences to map and assign sales or service territories. Also receive automatic notification if a field rep enters or exits their assigned turf.
Easy and Fast, Map-Based Lead Management
Map-based Lead Management
  • Remove paper lead sheets from your process. Manage and distribute all leads electronically..
  • Import large amounts of leads or jobs into the system and view them on a map.
  • Assign leads or jobs to field reps by outlining an area on the map and automatically assigning all work within the selected area to an individual field rep. Or place a point on the map and assign all addresses within a specified radius.
  • Push leads out immediately to a field rep’s mobile device.
  • Ensure leads or jobs are worked to completion before assigning new turf.
  • Assign an entire team’s leads at one time.
  • Group leads by marketing objectives (High, Medium, Low propensity to buy) and quickly assign “Hot” leads to reps in the field.
Tightly Integrate Data with Marketing
  • Integrate directly with providers of homes passed data to streamline lead management.
  • Upload your homes passed data directly into the system and tag useful data for use in the field such as:
    • Credit score risk Indicators
    • Payment history
    • Known competitive information
    • Demographic data
    • Propensity to buy indicators
  • Feed captured consumer data back to marketing databases to gain deeper insights
Convert Anecdotal Field Activities to Quantifiable Data

Eelctronic Format

  • Leverage custom designed electronic forms that are easily modified to reflect current campaigns, offers or work types.
  • Define custom lead dispositions and outcomes for each door knocked, home passed or service provided.
  • Enforce field rep workflow such as making multiple attempts at an address.
  • Setup and keep records for return appointments.
  • Capture and store detailed copies of order information.
  • Email PDF versions of order forms to a customer at the time a sale is submitted or service is completed.
  • Capture electronic verification of who initiated the order, when and where.
Real Time Updates of Leads, Jobs & Sales Activity

Real time Leads Sales Activity

  • Review lead, job or sales activity in real time. Lead dispositions and order forms are transmitted in real time and are immediately available for review through a Web interface.
  • View assigned leads and unassigned leads. Visually keep track of areas that have been worked, areas not yet worked, and areas that need to be revisited. Leverage graphical views of territory coverage and sales progress (color coding provides easily digestible overviews).
  • Review sales forms data, back-office processing activity, jobs progress and run reports on key activities and metrics.
Powerful Messaging Tools
Messaging Tools
  • Take advantage of the easy-to-use, built-in SMS messaging tools.
  • Send broadcast messages to your entire field force, regional teams or individual field reps and incur no text messaging charges.
  • Allow reps to message each other to share tips, ask for assistance and coordinate activity. Field managers have full access to monitor all messaging activity.

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"Using the Open Door solution, our sales reps now spend more time selling and less time processing paper work."
- Suddenlink Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

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